Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Coghead’s PaaSing

It was revealed last night by TechCrunch that one of our platform-as-a-service competitors ran out of funding and is closing its doors. While on one hand it is heartening to see someone in your space, who has done a commendable job helping to bring attention to the space, take such an unfortunate turn, it has also made it even more clear that our approach is the right thing to do.

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SaaS - Acceptance is the Last Stage of Grief

When something long standing and codependent dies, like traditional computing, SaaS and cloud computing are going to be our best friends at the wake.  SaaS solutions have been around for going on 10 years now and the time is right to see broader and deeper adoption of this approach to application development and utilization.

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New Features Coming January 25th

The LongJump team will be introducing several new features to be released on January 25th. This release will feature the first ever major update to the LongJump user interface. The new style will be less cluttered, easier to read, load faster, and consolidate many functions on the platform.

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Agile Software Development and PaaS - Like Peanut Butter for Chocolate

While agile software development is centrally about the project management aspects of programming, and a flexible, unencumbering methodology to get to a better end product, few tools in the process actually have to do with the rapid creation and recreation of applications. Agile is an approach at the problem, but in the end, traditional compile, check-in, test, debug, re-check, test, provision, etc. of the application cycle are still very much part of the blocking and tackling developers need to do.

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What is Lean Software?

According to an eWeek article, “Move Over, Open Source, Lean Software Is the New Black for Developers,” Forrester analyst John Rymer believes that lean software, an approach to building software that promotes simplicity and minimizes resource usage, is what the application development industry must move to as the next development paradigm in order to move ahead.

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