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Rollbase Integration with Google Apps

SARATOGA, Calif., November 24, 2008 -- Rollbase, Inc., an innovator in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology for business users, today announced the delivery of three new capabilities integrated with the Google Apps(TM) suite of communication and collaboration products. The integration of the Rollbase platform with the products from Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) enables companies of any size to reap the benefits of cloud computing (no hardware or software to download, install or maintain), and allows any Rollbase-native application to become integrated with any customer's Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs accounts.

"We are happy to have quickly leveraged the open Google APIs to bring powerful collaboration features to the Rollbase platform," said Matt Robinson, founder and CEO of Rollbase. "Now any application created with Rollbase can automatically use Gmail to send email, synchronize any event information with Google Calendar, and export application data directly into Google Docs & Spreadsheets, increasing the productivity of any Rollbase and Google Apps users."

Google Apps Integrations for Rollbase

Rollbase designed, developed and integrated the following three solutions with Google products:

-- Rollbase and GMail(TM) - to use the customer's GMail account to send any outbound email from within Rollbase, and storing that email in the user's Sent Items for historical reference within GMail.

-- Rollbase and Google Calendar(TM) - to enable the synchronization of all types of events in any Rollbase application with each user's Google Calendar

-- Rollbase and Google Docs(TM) - for sharing Rollbase data views and reports and making it available to internal and external audiences through Google Spreadsheets

Each of these integrations is now available to every Rollbase customer at no additional cost. For more information and a demo video about these new features see:

About Rollbase

Rollbase is an on-demand application development and delivery platform for businesses to rapidly find, create, customize and share web-based applications using point and click, drag and drop tools within a standard Web browser. Rollbase brings the power of rapid application development to business users, IT professionals, and Web developers who may not have the time, resources or expertise to create on-demand applications using traditional software development methods. As a state of the art Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Cloud Computing Platform, Rollbase enables businesses to focus on application innovation rather than the software and hardware infrastructure behind it. In conjunction with the Rollbase Platform, the Rollbase Application Directory is an on-demand application ecosystem where users can browse, test drive, and install business applications built and published by experienced Rollbase users and partners with a single click. Rollbase requires only a browser and an Internet connection. Founded in August 2007, Rollbase is privately held and funded by angel investors. For more information please visit

Google, Google Apps, GMail, Google Calendar and Google Docs are trademarks of Google Inc.

SOURCE: Rollbase, Inc.

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