Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Cloud computing portal hoping to be a central resource for user-generated content

The Cloud Computing Portal wants to be the focus of user-generated content on cloud computing. While built using the Qrimp cloud application builder, it is not clear if the portal is from Qrimp or a third party.
I recently came across the Cloud Computing Portal. While the look and feel needs some work, the goal is to become a central source of information on cloud computing. The model is to get user-generated content from the community.

Unlike Wikipedia, it is not obvious at first sight who is behind this portal. The only clue is the URL This tells us that the portal is being hosted by Qrimp, a cloud application builder.

Qrimp is a pre-funding start-up. They introduce their product on their Web site as follows:

Qrimp is a web database without limits. Simple to get started. Easy to use.

Robust and feature rich. Build your web database to collaborate with your team in 5 minutes. The flexible Qrimp Platform grows with you and adapts to your information management requirements. No programming is required, but we have a rich API and AJAX capabilities so you aren’t restricted like with other web databases. Build complex forms, drill downs, and workflows using combinations of data from multiple tables.

Automatically generate rich interfaces for one-to-many (drop downs), many-to-many (checkboxes), self-references (tree views), or dates (calendar). Javascript input validation is generated automatically for 24 data types including phone numbers, email addresses, zip codes, currency, websites, calculated fields and more. Create mashups with your data and data from other providers.

The initial content of the Cloud Computing Portal seems to have been come from John Willis’ Cloud Vendors A to Z. There does not seem to be much extra content at the time of writing. It is still early days, so there is still plenty of time for this new portal to gain traction.

Let’s see how it develops.

ps: I am not sure whether the Cloud Computing Portal is an application developed by someone using Qrimp, or whether it is an offering from Qrimp themselves. If you know more about the background to this portal then please let us know in the comments. Thanks.

Update. July 6th, 2008: Tara Holfeld from Qrimp got in touch to let me know that the Cloud Computing Portal was created by Qrimp’s founder Randall Minter. It started off as an internal list of links and videos around distributed data storage, and is now being shared with the community. Qrimp will add an About page to the portal to clarify the origins of the site. Thanks to Tara for the prompt update.

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